How do you choose NEXT100 members?

DPW has put together the NEXT100 based on nominations and direct applications. The one thing that unites them all is their passion and resolve to make an impact in procurement.

The four categories are of widely different sizes and partly reflect the number of options in each category and partly that there is a difference in the level of the nominated candidates.

Our panel of judges selects the talents based on four criteria:

Justification: We place great emphasis on justifying the professional prerequisites and results of the talent. In addition, we place emphasis on recommendations from the immediate boss or a former boss.

Extended CV: We select on the basis of CVs, where concrete results as well as professional and educational competencies are reported.

Age: The talent must be under 30 years of age.​​

Diversity: NEXT100 is not based on a scientific method and strives to show diversity in terms of gender, education, professional groups and companies.

The NEXT100 list also reflects that it has been selected by a panel of eight people who have been responsible for each of their categories and have selected talents in their own way and with their own values.